Trotro Diaries

It is official I HATE MONDAYS! Look at the queue, annoying of it all it has a curve like we are drawing a graph. And this man too what are u, trotro consultant or what. If u don’t shut up am sure am gonna win a Grammy Award for the Slap Category. You are lucky that you look big and strong.

Anyway I am looking for researchers to undertake a survey on the probability of meeting fine girls on trotro cos that’s where some of u r goin to meet your true love hehe. And o watch out for Trotro Travel and Tours, your ultimate Trotro experience, this is what I call trotro tourism. For all those people that have being sitting in that air condition and freezing yourself, we offer you the unique opportunity of having a feel of the great trotro. I love trotro but I hate Accra traffic


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