RE: You Lazy (Intellectual) African Scum!

I read an article last night that got me thinking a lot:

PS: Strong language used, only intended to carrythe urgency and seriousness.

Recall all this NONSENSE about which school was 1st class high schools and all those ‘stupid’ things. So where are all the Wesleys Girls, Achimota, Presec, Mfantsipim, Holy Child, Prempeh and so-called smart winners of the Brilliant Science & Maths Quiz and the so-called 1st Class students from UCC, Legon, KNUST, UDS, CUC, etc. What do intelligent people in our country do besides the big titles and ability to work for others just like all the other so-called less smart people. What is the sense in studying to become a scientist and going to work in a bank. Who is better, the corrupt politician or you that has gone to study and is wasting all that knowledge?

Our leaders, they are just too smart, how is it possible that we have cocoa which we are not processing and as a result we are loosing loads of money and yet we go ahead and make similar deals with gold and oil. It’s no doubt that these Rastamen that smoke weed have more sense than our leaders. Is it impossible for our leaders and adults to show for once that they have sense when they meet these foreigners? We all see NPP and NDC do foolish things yet we shut up because we belong to 1 of them. We have all these resources but no Change, even if we should discover Heaven right now am sure our leaders will sell it and all we will say is ‘Yen fa ma Nyame’. What kind of useless people are we, when we all know what our problem is, but yet we don’t stand up and right it? See Zoomlion in every corner yet all our places are dirty, very sad!

Why would we sit down for politicians to make it look like having uninterrupted electricity, good road networks and good work environment for people in IMPOSSIBLE. When even China with 1.6 billion people can have this in most places. Are we really thinking or we are just dumb and don’t realize? Are we going to Change or we will still remain Stupid and deceive ourselves by saying we are the Gateway to Africa, when all our resources are owned by foreigners.

Think…look at China, India, Brazil…

To whom it may concern