Warm welcome to my New Neighbourhood

ssnit flats

Trotro Diaries, 8/12/2011, 6:18am, Dansoman:

Just had the first welcome team from Dansoman to welcome me to my new neighbourhood. Now in the 2nd one and what is FGoT, they are everywhere. I can see myself enjoying my trotro ride in this place. The seat is short and my small butt is hanging but still I don’t care because now it is way easier and less stressful to get to the office.

Now as a special welcome package, I just saw this old man jogging, he probably has made more than enough money that when we the slaves (lol) are finding our way to work he is jogging. No problem about that, but the only funny thing is that, jogging I believe is supposed to help keep fit but this man is jogging like he is running for dear life, whether from life or wife, only he knows. It’s a brand new day people, stay happy and remember to keep smiling and shining. Let your dreams live on.




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