Classical trotro moments

Gargantuan Entry into Trotro

Classical trotro moments, you know those moments which make your skin crawls like Romeo over Juliet and those other ones that is like hitting an ice berg and making u boil haha. which is your favorite and which is your worst:

NCTM (Nice Classical Trotro Moments):
– You enter the trotro and everybody is smiling and laughing about something together
– When that cute baby looks at u and smiles like there’s no tomorrow
– An FGoT/FBoT gets on the trotro and sits by you and smiles
– Mate says oh don’t worry its free, today is a holiday and black stars are playing
– Trotro flows with no traffic and u get to your destination in time
– FGoT sleeps of with her head on your shoulder
– You help a parent with many cute kids, who just make u smile
– Some girl you are spying on also spies back
ANTM (Annoying ‘Nkwaseasem’ Trotro Moments):
– Sitting by that annoying person who thinks they own all the space
– Sitting by extra big people who ask u to push even though u are as thin as me
– Check and u left your wallet/purse or changed your trouser and so money no dey
– Dirty person sits by you and you are well dressed or in white and they keep getting closer
– Person next to u keeps bouncing their head around and falling unto u
– Mate tries to charge u more or says u haven’t paid
– There some too known people solving all the problems of Ghana in 2 seconds
– They drop you off way past your intended stop
– Driver keeps taking short cuts and meets worse traffic
– An FGoT smiles at u and about to sit by u and some nonsense person will come and sit in between u haha

Haha so which do u think is the most classic in its category, you can share new ones too. You like smiling too much, u are lucky it is free hahaha, enjoy


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