Too Known Emotional Passengers

Trotro Diaries, 10/2/2012, 17:57, Driving by Awudome: ahh do the dead use mobile phones? Because when we were going by Awudome the network went off, is it because they were using it or the network is dead around there too. So finally this trotro is exciting, the driver kept driving on without realizing that his mate is not here. After 5 minutes the mate comes and the emotional TKPoT (Too known People on Trotro) are now analysing the collection of coins on trotro, ahhh why are some people so too known, like they know something ahhh ma. Eiiii so after coming back from my break still I haven’t met the VFGoT. Right now there is an FGoT sitting by me, but I want to be faithful to that VFGoT whom I haven’t seen again, or she has moved from this neighborhood? I beg I need some TC (Trotro Counselling)


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