You were Wrong

Remember the first thought that came to mind when you heard of Whitney’s death? If you are like me then you were surely sad that all this talent had gone waste and the comeback that you might have expected will never come.


Now you shift  gears and the next thought is how she allowed Bobby Brown to ruin her life with drugs (be it true or not). Looking at that awesome voice and having allowed herself to be carried away is such a shame! However, the funny thing is that when she died people cried all over the world and that is a sign that she made an Impact and at least she SANG, and that was what she wanted to do since she was a kid.


But how about us, can we say the same thing about what we dreamed about as kids? Have we or are we even doing 5% of what we really dreamed of achieving? The things we said we would do and the ones we vowed never to do, do you remember? Does our country know about it, ok what about your city, town,school, church, mosque etc. In fact does your own family even remember, yet we judge these people that the whole world knew for their talents.


So if she wasted her talents, then what can be said of us? Do you think its too late?


Remember, as I say: “the only walls are the ones in your head


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Orthopaedic Trotro Seat

Trotro Diaries, 9/3/2012, 6:51, SSNIT Flats DC:
One of the words I always found exciting was Culture shock, the wordin itself sounds exciting and makes you want to know more. Today there is a totally new one – Trotro Shock! That is meant for something you never expect to see in a trotro. My oh my, this seat is more comfortable than my seat in the office. I mean unlike the normal ‘economized’ trotro seats that remind you so much of how scarce resources are hahaha, this one had enough

space and even a back rest that had the right angle to support your back.So Trotro can be this sweet, oh yawa, somebody got off and I lost the seat, back to square one mcheeew, just see how am suffering now AHHH!!!!!!!! I thought all the seats on this trotro were like that one but but chale as for this new seat I got, lol no wonder my spine is crying for grease hahaha.

Hot Man Driver

Trotro Diaries, 8/3/2012, 6:50am, SSNIT Flats DC:
This driver is funny, I have never seen a driver this aggressive for money, u drive off almost hitting your mate and all u can do is say AH!!! U shd see the missile launching lips the mate made. See this mate he won’t come oo, when he drives off and u fall again, then u will come make your lips like.

This morning I had 4 special people that just made my day.

Inside a Trotro

First was the Driver and his mate who were so not synchronised, lol. On 2 occasions the driver drove off only to remember the mate was not on the trotro

The 3rd person was the dude seated by the door, even when we had gotten to the final destination, this guy wouldn’t get off because the mate (conductor has some change to give him) and as such we all couldn’t get off till he does haha

Last but not the least is the school boy who probably can be a stunt man at Hollywood. This guy was seriously holding on to the mate’s hand and the car as the car was moving just because the mate had to give him some little change hahaha. What a way to start a day, the trotro way, very unique and amazing social connection moment. i hope you started yours on a good note too