Orthopaedic Trotro Seat

Trotro Diaries, 9/3/2012, 6:51, SSNIT Flats DC:
One of the words I always found exciting was Culture shock, the wordin itself sounds exciting and makes you want to know more. Today there is a totally new one – Trotro Shock! That is meant for something you never expect to see in a trotro. My oh my, this seat is more comfortable than my seat in the office. I mean unlike the normal ‘economized’ trotro seats that remind you so much of how scarce resources are hahaha, this one had enough

space and even a back rest that had the right angle to support your back.So Trotro can be this sweet, oh yawa, somebody got off and I lost the seat, back to square one mcheeew, just see how am suffering now AHHH!!!!!!!! I thought all the seats on this trotro were like that one but but chale as for this new seat I got, lol no wonder my spine is crying for grease hahaha.


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