Finally the Initiative Starts

Hello Trotro mates, this is your Chief Trotro Consultant speaking; We are officially welcoming ideas on how to make this group relevant to society. For a start, I’m proposing a GHC 30 fuel package plus 2 sachets of XFT fuel treatment for the driver of the week, what do u guys think?

Selection Process:
Members of the group will nominate their drivers of choice based on their satisfaction of the service they receive when they get on a trotro and the general condition of the Trotro. The main idea is to promote trotros which present passengers with favorable conditions and also adhere to Traffic rules and regulations.

We are passionate about this because, we believe through this Initiative we can gradually use such incentives to get the attention of drivers and driver associations and use to promote the right thing to be done in our trotros and on our roads. This we hope in the long run will help reduce accidents on our roads and also help reduce minor injuries picked up by passengers on trotros. Stay tuned for more information, if interested and want to know more, follow our group on facebook or give us a call at 0243926821