New Trotro App

In view of ever growing technology, TD is introducing the concept for our 1st App, (you can suggest a name for it).  If you need to get somewhere,  and need to know where you can get a Trotro to your location, just ask here

( and one of our skilled Trotrocians will give you directions. Currently this is being run on the Trotro Diary group on facebook.  New week new opportunities, we want to wish you all the best and let you know that the 1st TD team has been put in place and its working on the

Trotro App as we spoke about, we will keep you updated.  Let’s all find a way to make things in our society better. As usual, keep smiling and

keep shining.  Let us know what you think about this.

Keep smiling and Keep Shining

(c) Yaw Odoom