Super Power Steering

Power Sterring Wheel Trotro Diaries, 6/12/2011, 7:13, Madina Station:

The very moment I got on this trotro I knew today was my lucky day. The mate just got a backlash from passengers for delaying and u should see his mouth, so sharp u could use it to cut diamonds hehe. And the chuckling going on in the car can be used as the instrumental for a hit song for this Christmas.

Not forgetting the girl sitting by me, she appears to be fine but all those earrings on 1 person, only her earrings r even many than the necklaces of the guy from A-team. And u should see the steering wheel, these trotros are just too much. Never have I seen a skeleton steering wheel.

This I need a picture haha. Its almost like they took off the steering wheels bikini hahaha. I think 1 of the most difficult things in trotro is tryna check out the girl just next to u without getting caught. Any ideas how I can achieve that lol. Hope u are already enjoying your day.


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