Bullied by Old Women on Trotro

Trotro Diaries, 9/12/2011, 7:20, Atomic Junction:
This morning life is not being fair to me at all, arghhhh!!! Am sitting between these two old women wearing black and looking like old mafia women or some kind of gangster. The one on my right I wouldn’t be pissed with her but what kind of monster are you and what evil spirits possesses you that u pick your nose continuously for 30mins and chew stick at the same time.
This is so disgusting I want to throw up. And see her little friend on my left, trying to squeeze me, these old ladies are really funny hahaha. It feels like I’m dreaming, if I can’t get to sit by an FGoT (Fine Girl on Trotro), this is what I get; MMoT (Mafia Mberewa on Trotro). Now I feel like getting off this trotro and walking from shiashie to circle. Infact I feel like a small boy and they are defiling me. What else can I do, lemme just listen to Keep Smiling, Keep Shining

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