Enemies of Progress on Trotro

Trotro Diaries, 12/12/2011, 18:53, STC in front:
Ahh!!! I should slap this boy with my elbow, nonsense, after spying on this FGoT (Fine Girl on Trotro) as she was also doing same, just when she was about to sit by me, this EWoT ( Evil Wizard on Trotro) appeared from nowhere and sat between us. Just look at his his funny sexy sleepy eyes, mcheew, ppl like this make me want to lift weights, mcheeeeeeeew!!!
Anyways guys I just stumbled upon something that I never knew was that fun; if you want to laugh, go to a station and move from queue to queue asking where they are going, hahaha. Lol I just couldn’t help laughter out loud; what kind of place is Oringa, Tunga, hahahaha! Are all these in Ghana. Funny how I was a little stressed but just after getting to the station, I’m more than the happiest man on Earth.
My advice, always find that little thing that sparks your good mood, cheers

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