FGoT – Fine Girls on Trotro

Trotro Diaries, 4/1/2012, 7:34, DC Roundabout:
Now I am beginning to feel 2012, for a moment there you scared me. I was wondering if all the FGoTs had bought a car as part of their new year resolution hahaha. But today I can see they are back in business. These gals dey love troski. So which gender do you think has a high propensity to Trotrofy their day because it looks like the Vim the girls use to enter trotro is not easy.
I just got on my 1st trotro this morning and mehn this is no trotro, wow!!! The seats kina reminded me of the Emirates flight I took some time ago. So how come trotro can look this nice and they normally make it basa basa like that. Please I need some TAs (Trotro Assistants), we as TD (Trotro Diaries) group will be starting some TCSM (Trotro Customer Service Management) programs. To be eligible to apply, you must have extensive experience with proven skills in trotro boarding, queue jumping management and ability to tolerate straight nonsense.
Please contact me. I have a special video for you all, watch out for this special footage today from TrotNA (Trotro News Agency). Cheers and remember for God and country

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