My Narrow Escape

Trotro Diaries, 6/1/2012, 7:11, Mataheko:

I think this whole trotro diaries thing makes me get high the very moment I get on trotros and I just get help but all these drama keep coming my way. So 2 days ago I tried a taxi to see how it goes and it was just funny. This driver probably needs to win an award for multitasking haha. Can u he was turning a right junction at the same time watching tv in a pub on the left at the same time. Unfortunately for him me too I was busy smooching this Cocaine of a BB, this phone is too addictive.
Well I raised my head just in time and screamed, but before he could break he hit the back of the motor bike. The funny part was when people came around and tried to man handle the taxi driver and I decided to do my Freedom fighting things. It was almost funny until the man with the huge arms got sick and tired of my BIG MOUTH compared to my body like a model who had been starved. After he pounded my chest like twice, I almost wanted to say forget freedom, I want to be a slave haha. But at least I learned 1 trick, if you want to fight with someone, create a scenario where they will hit your chest, trust me it will give u an idea how the fight will go

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