Submitted by Mawuli Asamoah

My fav trotro moment of 2011… so here i was on the last but one seat of a white not too shabby 207… bus was rather quiet, no music, very few discussions, quite peaceful… gave me some freedom to plan out all the responsibilities i had… however i think the driver noticed this and put on the radio, song was one of them loud local gospel songs(not the i have anything against them)… funny enough the speakers were right under my seat and to be honest it was a little bit too loud and i expected the driver to notice this and turn it down a notch… he didnt…
So i decided to call out to the mate to tell the driver to reduce the volume… as if by magic just when i was about to open my mouth the music stopped completely… most shocking thing happened less than a second later… i heard some dude behind me say “h33llo”… (the hell… that wasnt the driver, that was somebody’s ringtone)… u guys shoulda seen the bus, silent laughter be what!!… never believed phones could be that loud… these Chinese guys overdid it this time… WHAT!!!!

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