Trotro Diaries Language

Trotro Diaries, 10/1/2012, 7:45, Filling Station in either Mateheko or Dansoman:
Today is International Trotro Language Day (ITLD) and so I am going to be teaching you our TD keywords. You better learn it well cos some time it will be an international tests like IELTS, SAT, GMAT etc. So here goes:
1. CTC – Chief Trotro Consultant (that is me so pls don’t take my post and use it to con girls)
2. FGoT – Fine Girl on Trotro
3. FBoT – Fine Boy on Trotro
4. MMoT – Mafia Mbrewa on Trotro
5. TFSF – Trotro Front Seat Fighter
6. ATM – Annoying Trotro Mate
7. TPIWLtSoT – The Person I Would Like to Slap on Trotro
8. TTE – The Trotro Einstein
9. KWoT – Konkonsa Women on Trotro
10. ACBoT – Annoying Crying Baby on Trotro
11. TSS – Trotro Serial Sleepers
12. MYTM – My Yawa Trotro Moment
13. TASPoT – The Annoying Smart People on Trotro
14. SPoT – Stinking People on Trotro
15. ACPoT – Annoying Chinese Phone on Trotro

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