Trotro Diaries Xmas 2011 message

Trotro Diaries, 26/12/2011,16:10, Circle:
Wow time flies so fast am feeling like I have never been in a trotro. I don’t know how u guys have been spending the holidays but for me I have a gallon of tsetsefly juice that I have being drinking so I have being sleeping like something. Anyway I wanted to wish you all Afehyia pa (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year).
I hope your dream of buying your own car is on track hahaha cos we love trotro but we will have to leave it some day loool. Once again I will like to Congratulate Diijay Foe for winning the Trotro Story of the year 2011. And also wish him a very happy birthday since today is his birthday and also to let you know that he DJs on Emashie 105.1 so u can check him out and give him shout sometimes. The projects to make things better in our trotros and stations and on the roads will start in 2012, watch out for them and let us know how you can contribute. Cheers

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