Trotro Tug of Knees

Trotro Diaries, 13/12/2011, 18:10, Awudome Cemetery junction:

Seriously is there something about me that attracts guys to sit by me in trotro cos this is getting too much. There are about 10 girls in this trotro so how come not even one is sitting by me? This thing has got to stop! Anyway I just discovered a very effective way of winning the Tug of Knees that happens in trotro. You know that irritating moment when someone is trying to get more space and you are also trying to resist and it turns into a cold war of knees.

The solution is to just relax after some time and start tapping your feet after some time, you know like you are listening to some love music and tapping to it. My research shows that people do not like to get intimate especially after have had a knee cold war with you. The tapping of your leg feels like that and makes them withdraw and you don’t have to put more effort into that. Remember, tap like you are listening to love music, if you go and do any Azonto tapping and the person breaks your knee, we don’t give warranty for that haha.
Have a good evening lovely people. Please feel free to add your friends to the group. Cheers

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