The Beginning of Trotro Diaries

Trotro Diaries: my job as the writer of the diaries has never been this challenging. Not when I want to write about 2 amazing people in front of me but their friend is on my left and 3 more friends at my back. What kinda skill will I use to write without being caught and also assess this girl and see if she is fine enough to be classified as FGoT – Fine Girl on Trotro haha. Wish me all the best in┬ámy attempt to take a picture or wish me luck when these people catch me, then this car will be on real fire.

Anyway I would like to welcome them, I can see they are foreigners but they have already understood what my profile pix talks about. Anyway let me tell u why these my people have made my day. I am the luckiest man on the face of the planet this moment cos the 1 sitting on my left is sleeping and that thing inspires me so much and makes me laugh so much that my laughter increases the GDP of Ghana. Next on the bill we have the 2 in front of me. The 1 on the left has some old school jerry curls, no on second thought I think its jelly curls. Sitted right next to him is the dude with the headphones the size of which am sure is about the same as a 53.2 inch michelin tyre.

Oh and I forgot I made a trotro friend who is from Naija, this my guy is so on point, never missing the trotro, 1 day I will show u a pix of him. Anyway that is how the day has started and I believe it will go Great. Remember no matter how crooked or uncomfortable the trotro (life) might be, you can always put a smile in there. Get to the office in the right mood, love yall. Leave a comment or like.