TroTro Diaries Road Safety Project

We have just relaunched our road safety project in partnership with sponsorship from Chop Chow (a Ghanaian startup). The idea behind this project is that we believe that road safety education so far has been mainly targeted at drivers and transport operators. However, we believe that if we can educate other road users such as passengers and pedestrians, then we can improve the conditions on our roads.
no stopping
An example is that, if a passenger understand what this road sign represents, then they would not try to coerce a driver to stop for them to alight at a point with this sign.

As such we have started with this project and currently are working on partnering with the National Road Safety Commission and the Motor Transport and Traffic Department of the Ghana Police to see how TroTro Diaries can impact our society and improve the knowledge base of passengers, pedestrians and other road users.

Join us daily on our main platform on facebook where we carry out this education:


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