TroTro Diaries Impact

It has already been over 6 years since TroTro Diaries started with one Facebook post. We have evolved over the years and our main platform currently has over 260,000 users. Our initial impact was to share stories with a touch of humor, as a way of helping people get through the daily stressful commute to work and back home.

Beyond this we have gone ahead to feature on CNN among other places. As we grew we focused more on how we can impact the society we live in. Two main areas we have focused on is Sanitation and Road safety. What have done?

  1. Sanitation: we put the amazing people on our facebook group into volunteer teams. Each of the teams adopted a bus staion (trotro station), where they educated other commuters and transport operators on sanitation issues and carried out clean up exercises. A BIG thank you to all the awesome members who volunteeredDustbin present.jpg
  2. Road Safety: most road safety education is targeted at drivers and transport operators. However, we believe that if we can educate passengers and pedestrians on road signs and better use of our roads then we could help reduce the accidents on our roads. As such we introduced road signs education on our Facebook group.road safety

These are two projects we have run in the past and will be introducing again. TroTro Diaries will keep growing especially with our mobile application coming up. We will keep you updated.