TroTro Diaries Road Safety Project

We have just relaunched our road safety project in partnership with sponsorship from Chop Chow (a Ghanaian startup). The idea behind this project is that we believe that road safety education so far has been mainly targeted at drivers and transport operators. However, we believe that if we can educate other road users such as passengers and pedestrians, then we can improve the conditions on our roads.
no stopping
An example is that, if a passenger understand what this road sign represents, then they would not try to coerce a driver to stop for them to alight at a point with this sign.

As such we have started with this project and currently are working on partnering with the National Road Safety Commission and the Motor Transport and Traffic Department of the Ghana Police to see how TroTro Diaries can impact our society and improve the knowledge base of passengers, pedestrians and other road users.

Join us daily on our main platform on facebook where we carry out this education:


Stay Positive

Trotro Diaries, 23/12/2013, Kaneshie, 7:30am

#KeepSmilingKeepShining: here I was, innocent little boy sitting in trotro minding my business which includes konkonsa for Trotro Diaries. From nowhere this guy gets on and decides to decorate my slim fit papistic trouser. Trying to mess the nice view of my heavy duty ties and hips with whatever was in his bag that I don’t even know. But still I #KeepSmilingKeepShining. Stay positive.tdd

Trotro Diaries Celebrates National Public Transport Day


As we celebrate National Public Transport Day, we at Trotro Diaries entreat us all to help in educating our loved ones. Take a look at the National Road Safety Campaign website and know your road signs. Be informed rather than think that the signs with animals mean Animal market hehe. Let’s not just wish things get better, let us all do our little bit to make things better. Insist on the right thing being done, especially in trotros, even if they don’t heed, you would have passed some education. Keep Smiling, Keep shining


The Beginning of Trotro Diaries

Trotro Diaries: my job as the writer of the diaries has never been this challenging. Not when I want to write about 2 amazing people in front of me but their friend is on my left and 3 more friends at my back. What kinda skill will I use to write without being caught and also assess this girl and see if she is fine enough to be classified as FGoT – Fine Girl on Trotro haha. Wish me all the best in┬ámy attempt to take a picture or wish me luck when these people catch me, then this car will be on real fire.

Anyway I would like to welcome them, I can see they are foreigners but they have already understood what my profile pix talks about. Anyway let me tell u why these my people have made my day. I am the luckiest man on the face of the planet this moment cos the 1 sitting on my left is sleeping and that thing inspires me so much and makes me laugh so much that my laughter increases the GDP of Ghana. Next on the bill we have the 2 in front of me. The 1 on the left has some old school jerry curls, no on second thought I think its jelly curls. Sitted right next to him is the dude with the headphones the size of which am sure is about the same as a 53.2 inch michelin tyre.

Oh and I forgot I made a trotro friend who is from Naija, this my guy is so on point, never missing the trotro, 1 day I will show u a pix of him. Anyway that is how the day has started and I believe it will go Great. Remember no matter how crooked or uncomfortable the trotro (life) might be, you can always put a smile in there. Get to the office in the right mood, love yall. Leave a comment or like.

Trotro Diaries goes International

Trotro Diaries 28/08/2013, 10:01am, Headquarters

Going International: The trotro movement is way bigger than we think. In Nigeria they are called Danfo, in some Eastern and Southern African countries they are called Matatus. Imagine how it will be like if all of us from all these countries are sharing our amazing stories with pictures and making friends from all over. How do you think it will be like and what name would you call the group? hahaha

Trotro Diaries Language

Trotro Diaries, 10/1/2012, 7:45, Filling Station in either Mateheko or Dansoman:
Today is International Trotro Language Day (ITLD) and so I am going to be teaching you our TD keywords. You better learn it well cos some time it will be an international tests like IELTS, SAT, GMAT etc. So here goes:
1. CTC – Chief Trotro Consultant (that is me so pls don’t take my post and use it to con girls)
2. FGoT – Fine Girl on Trotro
3. FBoT – Fine Boy on Trotro
4. MMoT – Mafia Mbrewa on Trotro
5. TFSF – Trotro Front Seat Fighter
6. ATM – Annoying Trotro Mate
7. TPIWLtSoT – The Person I Would Like to Slap on Trotro
8. TTE – The Trotro Einstein
9. KWoT – Konkonsa Women on Trotro
10. ACBoT – Annoying Crying Baby on Trotro
11. TSS – Trotro Serial Sleepers
12. MYTM – My Yawa Trotro Moment
13. TASPoT – The Annoying Smart People on Trotro
14. SPoT – Stinking People on Trotro
15. ACPoT – Annoying Chinese Phone on Trotro

Submitted by Mawuli Asamoah

My fav trotro moment of 2011… so here i was on the last but one seat of a white not too shabby 207… bus was rather quiet, no music, very few discussions, quite peaceful… gave me some freedom to plan out all the responsibilities i had… however i think the driver noticed this and put on the radio, song was one of them loud local gospel songs(not the i have anything against them)… funny enough the speakers were right under my seat and to be honest it was a little bit too loud and i expected the driver to notice this and turn it down a notch… he didnt…
So i decided to call out to the mate to tell the driver to reduce the volume… as if by magic just when i was about to open my mouth the music stopped completely… most shocking thing happened less than a second later… i heard some dude behind me say “h33llo”… (the hell… that wasnt the driver, that was somebody’s ringtone)… u guys shoulda seen the bus, silent laughter be what!!… never believed phones could be that loud… these Chinese guys overdid it this time… WHAT!!!!

My Narrow Escape

Trotro Diaries, 6/1/2012, 7:11, Mataheko:

I think this whole trotro diaries thing makes me get high the very moment I get on trotros and I just get help but all these drama keep coming my way. So 2 days ago I tried a taxi to see how it goes and it was just funny. This driver probably needs to win an award for multitasking haha. Can u he was turning a right junction at the same time watching tv in a pub on the left at the same time. Unfortunately for him me too I was busy smooching this Cocaine of a BB, this phone is too addictive.
Well I raised my head just in time and screamed, but before he could break he hit the back of the motor bike. The funny part was when people came around and tried to man handle the taxi driver and I decided to do my Freedom fighting things. It was almost funny until the man with the huge arms got sick and tired of my BIG MOUTH compared to my body like a model who had been starved. After he pounded my chest like twice, I almost wanted to say forget freedom, I want to be a slave haha. But at least I learned 1 trick, if you want to fight with someone, create a scenario where they will hit your chest, trust me it will give u an idea how the fight will go