Submitted by Mawuli Asamoah

My fav trotro moment of 2011… so here i was on the last but one seat of a white not too shabby 207… bus was rather quiet, no music, very few discussions, quite peaceful… gave me some freedom to plan out all the responsibilities i had… however i think the driver noticed this and put on the radio, song was one of them loud local gospel songs(not the i have anything against them)… funny enough the speakers were right under my seat and to be honest it was a little bit too loud and i expected the driver to notice this and turn it down a notch… he didnt…
So i decided to call out to the mate to tell the driver to reduce the volume… as if by magic just when i was about to open my mouth the music stopped completely… most shocking thing happened less than a second later… i heard some dude behind me say “h33llo”… (the hell… that wasnt the driver, that was somebody’s ringtone)… u guys shoulda seen the bus, silent laughter be what!!… never believed phones could be that loud… these Chinese guys overdid it this time… WHAT!!!!

My Narrow Escape

Trotro Diaries, 6/1/2012, 7:11, Mataheko:

I think this whole trotro diaries thing makes me get high the very moment I get on trotros and I just get help but all these drama keep coming my way. So 2 days ago I tried a taxi to see how it goes and it was just funny. This driver probably needs to win an award for multitasking haha. Can u he was turning a right junction at the same time watching tv in a pub on the left at the same time. Unfortunately for him me too I was busy smooching this Cocaine of a BB, this phone is too addictive.
Well I raised my head just in time and screamed, but before he could break he hit the back of the motor bike. The funny part was when people came around and tried to man handle the taxi driver and I decided to do my Freedom fighting things. It was almost funny until the man with the huge arms got sick and tired of my BIG MOUTH compared to my body like a model who had been starved. After he pounded my chest like twice, I almost wanted to say forget freedom, I want to be a slave haha. But at least I learned 1 trick, if you want to fight with someone, create a scenario where they will hit your chest, trust me it will give u an idea how the fight will go

FGoT – Fine Girls on Trotro

Trotro Diaries, 4/1/2012, 7:34, DC Roundabout:
Now I am beginning to feel 2012, for a moment there you scared me. I was wondering if all the FGoTs had bought a car as part of their new year resolution hahaha. But today I can see they are back in business. These gals dey love troski. So which gender do you think has a high propensity to Trotrofy their day because it looks like the Vim the girls use to enter trotro is not easy.
I just got on my 1st trotro this morning and mehn this is no trotro, wow!!! The seats kina reminded me of the Emirates flight I took some time ago. So how come trotro can look this nice and they normally make it basa basa like that. Please I need some TAs (Trotro Assistants), we as TD (Trotro Diaries) group will be starting some TCSM (Trotro Customer Service Management) programs. To be eligible to apply, you must have extensive experience with proven skills in trotro boarding, queue jumping management and ability to tolerate straight nonsense.
Please contact me. I have a special video for you all, watch out for this special footage today from TrotNA (Trotro News Agency). Cheers and remember for God and country

Trotro Diaries Xmas 2011 message

Trotro Diaries, 26/12/2011,16:10, Circle:
Wow time flies so fast am feeling like I have never been in a trotro. I don’t know how u guys have been spending the holidays but for me I have a gallon of tsetsefly juice that I have being drinking so I have being sleeping like something. Anyway I wanted to wish you all Afehyia pa (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year).
I hope your dream of buying your own car is on track hahaha cos we love trotro but we will have to leave it some day loool. Once again I will like to Congratulate Diijay Foe for winning the Trotro Story of the year 2011. And also wish him a very happy birthday since today is his birthday and also to let you know that he DJs on Emashie 105.1 so u can check him out and give him shout sometimes. The projects to make things better in our trotros and stations and on the roads will start in 2012, watch out for them and let us know how you can contribute. Cheers

Loud China Phone

This is what I call self defense /fire for fire. I just boarded a trotro from Ashaiman to Teshie Nungua estate. This guy decided to entertain us with music from his China phone. What is most annoying is the fact that the music is not the kind of music you can think with.
Immediately a lady complained but my guy wouldn’t be moved. I turned to look into the face of the guy sitting next to me. As if he understood what I meant, he took out his blackberry and turned on his music. Its sounded as if it was some home theater speakers. I also took out my symbian (nokia express music) and switched on my woofer. Hehehe….. Just guess wat happened after.

Air Condition in Trotro (Takoradi)

Ok so Trotro Diaries report for tonight is taking a different route in the O.C from market circle to “Kansa city”( kansawurodo) wow! This conductor is just hilarious. Could u believe be just told us to roll or glasses up to feel the airconam u should see this ricketed car tryna show off.

We first thought it was a joke and true to their words the air condition was turned on. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Mehn this guy is really the funny face of funny face. Just don’t wanna get down. TROTRO for life. Hehehehehehehehe

Trotro Tug of Knees

Trotro Diaries, 13/12/2011, 18:10, Awudome Cemetery junction:

Seriously is there something about me that attracts guys to sit by me in trotro cos this is getting too much. There are about 10 girls in this trotro so how come not even one is sitting by me? This thing has got to stop! Anyway I just discovered a very effective way of winning the Tug of Knees that happens in trotro. You know that irritating moment when someone is trying to get more space and you are also trying to resist and it turns into a cold war of knees.

The solution is to just relax after some time and start tapping your feet after some time, you know like you are listening to some love music and tapping to it. My research shows that people do not like to get intimate especially after have had a knee cold war with you. The tapping of your leg feels like that and makes them withdraw and you don’t have to put more effort into that. Remember, tap like you are listening to love music, if you go and do any Azonto tapping and the person breaks your knee, we don’t give warranty for that haha.
Have a good evening lovely people. Please feel free to add your friends to the group. Cheers

Enemies of Progress on Trotro

Trotro Diaries, 12/12/2011, 18:53, STC in front:
Ahh!!! I should slap this boy with my elbow, nonsense, after spying on this FGoT (Fine Girl on Trotro) as she was also doing same, just when she was about to sit by me, this EWoT ( Evil Wizard on Trotro) appeared from nowhere and sat between us. Just look at his his funny sexy sleepy eyes, mcheew, ppl like this make me want to lift weights, mcheeeeeeeew!!!
Anyways guys I just stumbled upon something that I never knew was that fun; if you want to laugh, go to a station and move from queue to queue asking where they are going, hahaha. Lol I just couldn’t help laughter out loud; what kind of place is Oringa, Tunga, hahahaha! Are all these in Ghana. Funny how I was a little stressed but just after getting to the station, I’m more than the happiest man on Earth.
My advice, always find that little thing that sparks your good mood, cheers

Bullied by Old Women on Trotro

Trotro Diaries, 9/12/2011, 7:20, Atomic Junction:
This morning life is not being fair to me at all, arghhhh!!! Am sitting between these two old women wearing black and looking like old mafia women or some kind of gangster. The one on my right I wouldn’t be pissed with her but what kind of monster are you and what evil spirits possesses you that u pick your nose continuously for 30mins and chew stick at the same time.
This is so disgusting I want to throw up. And see her little friend on my left, trying to squeeze me, these old ladies are really funny hahaha. It feels like I’m dreaming, if I can’t get to sit by an FGoT (Fine Girl on Trotro), this is what I get; MMoT (Mafia Mberewa on Trotro). Now I feel like getting off this trotro and walking from shiashie to circle. Infact I feel like a small boy and they are defiling me. What else can I do, lemme just listen to Keep Smiling, Keep Shining

Super Power Steering

Power Sterring Wheel Trotro Diaries, 6/12/2011, 7:13, Madina Station:

The very moment I got on this trotro I knew today was my lucky day. The mate just got a backlash from passengers for delaying and u should see his mouth, so sharp u could use it to cut diamonds hehe. And the chuckling going on in the car can be used as the instrumental for a hit song for this Christmas.

Not forgetting the girl sitting by me, she appears to be fine but all those earrings on 1 person, only her earrings r even many than the necklaces of the guy from A-team. And u should see the steering wheel, these trotros are just too much. Never have I seen a skeleton steering wheel.

This I need a picture haha. Its almost like they took off the steering wheels bikini hahaha. I think 1 of the most difficult things in trotro is tryna check out the girl just next to u without getting caught. Any ideas how I can achieve that lol. Hope u are already enjoying your day.