Trotro Diaries featured on CNN

CNN Inside Africa crew were in Ghana to interview the creator of Trotro Diaries. Check out as Yaw Odoom takes Errol Barnett and the team around. And get a hint of the Trotro Diaries App.


Finally the Initiative Starts

Hello Trotro mates, this is your Chief Trotro Consultant speaking; We are officially welcoming ideas on how to make this group relevant to society. For a start, I’m proposing a GHC 30 fuel package plus 2 sachets of XFT fuel treatment for the driver of the week, what do u guys think?

Selection Process:
Members of the group will nominate their drivers of choice based on their satisfaction of the service they receive when they get on a trotro and the general condition of the Trotro. The main idea is to promote trotros which present passengers with favorable conditions and also adhere to Traffic rules and regulations.

We are passionate about this because, we believe through this Initiative we can gradually use such incentives to get the attention of drivers and driver associations and use to promote the right thing to be done in our trotros and on our roads. This we hope in the long run will help reduce accidents on our roads and also help reduce minor injuries picked up by passengers on trotros. Stay tuned for more information, if interested and want to know more, follow our group on facebook or give us a call at 0243926821

Extreme Trotro Moments

Trotro Diaries, 7/2/2012, 7:20, Asoredanho: We have had many new members and I wana applaud those who introduced them and welcome the new ones. As a way of welcome I wana recall 3 of the craziest trotro stories sent by u guys which are based on real experiences:

1. This first experience is about a decent man in a trotro who apparently was being intimidated by the ‘am aware’ dressing of this young lady sitting across from him in one of these 37 to Osu trotros that face each other. So at a point it time, this man couldn’t take it any longer and just reached in there, pulled the girls boobs out and put it in his mouth. Threatening to bite off the nipples if anyone tried to stop him. They succeeded in stopping the trotro and begged this man who let go off the poor girl.

2. This trotro story always makes me laugh so hard, so an FGoT gets on the trotro decides not to charge her, so at the point where the FGoT was about to get off, an old woman tells the mate to charge the girl and give back what he tool from her. Things got more funny when this AAoT ( Action Abrewa on Trotro) got off the car and went to stand in front of the trotro like some macho man threatening not to let the car go till the mate gave it back. So finally the mate said ok I have given it back and charged the FGoT. It was then that the old woman explained that the mate had asked her not to pay cos he had taken the girls womb hahahaha. Dis be infrared eyes or 3G eyes ahahha

3. Our last story is one that happened at 37, this guy stopped a trotro and when the trotro stopped, someone got infront of him and sat in the front, however, there were some seats in the back but apparently this our guy is front gbee, so he just knocked the person who had taken the front seat and boycotted the trotro just because he didn’t get the front seat, I can imagine the pampiii jeans and gold looking copper chain he was wearing. Anyways welcome to new members and thanks for your amazing stories to the old members. Keep smiling keep shining

Too Known Emotional Passengers

Trotro Diaries, 10/2/2012, 17:57, Driving by Awudome: ahh do the dead use mobile phones? Because when we were going by Awudome the network went off, is it because they were using it or the network is dead around there too. So finally this trotro is exciting, the driver kept driving on without realizing that his mate is not here. After 5 minutes the mate comes and the emotional TKPoT (Too known People on Trotro) are now analysing the collection of coins on trotro, ahhh why are some people so too known, like they know something ahhh ma. Eiiii so after coming back from my break still I haven’t met the VFGoT. Right now there is an FGoT sitting by me, but I want to be faithful to that VFGoT whom I haven’t seen again, or she has moved from this neighborhood? I beg I need some TC (Trotro Counselling)

Classical trotro moments

Gargantuan Entry into Trotro

Classical trotro moments, you know those moments which make your skin crawls like Romeo over Juliet and those other ones that is like hitting an ice berg and making u boil haha. which is your favorite and which is your worst:

NCTM (Nice Classical Trotro Moments):
– You enter the trotro and everybody is smiling and laughing about something together
– When that cute baby looks at u and smiles like there’s no tomorrow
– An FGoT/FBoT gets on the trotro and sits by you and smiles
– Mate says oh don’t worry its free, today is a holiday and black stars are playing
– Trotro flows with no traffic and u get to your destination in time
– FGoT sleeps of with her head on your shoulder
– You help a parent with many cute kids, who just make u smile
– Some girl you are spying on also spies back
ANTM (Annoying ‘Nkwaseasem’ Trotro Moments):
– Sitting by that annoying person who thinks they own all the space
– Sitting by extra big people who ask u to push even though u are as thin as me
– Check and u left your wallet/purse or changed your trouser and so money no dey
– Dirty person sits by you and you are well dressed or in white and they keep getting closer
– Person next to u keeps bouncing their head around and falling unto u
– Mate tries to charge u more or says u haven’t paid
– There some too known people solving all the problems of Ghana in 2 seconds
– They drop you off way past your intended stop
– Driver keeps taking short cuts and meets worse traffic
– An FGoT smiles at u and about to sit by u and some nonsense person will come and sit in between u haha

Haha so which do u think is the most classic in its category, you can share new ones too. You like smiling too much, u are lucky it is free hahaha, enjoy

RE: You Lazy (Intellectual) African Scum!

I read an article last night that got me thinking a lot:

PS: Strong language used, only intended to carrythe urgency and seriousness.

Recall all this NONSENSE about which school was 1st class high schools and all those ‘stupid’ things. So where are all the Wesleys Girls, Achimota, Presec, Mfantsipim, Holy Child, Prempeh and so-called smart winners of the Brilliant Science & Maths Quiz and the so-called 1st Class students from UCC, Legon, KNUST, UDS, CUC, etc. What do intelligent people in our country do besides the big titles and ability to work for others just like all the other so-called less smart people. What is the sense in studying to become a scientist and going to work in a bank. Who is better, the corrupt politician or you that has gone to study and is wasting all that knowledge?

Our leaders, they are just too smart, how is it possible that we have cocoa which we are not processing and as a result we are loosing loads of money and yet we go ahead and make similar deals with gold and oil. It’s no doubt that these Rastamen that smoke weed have more sense than our leaders. Is it impossible for our leaders and adults to show for once that they have sense when they meet these foreigners? We all see NPP and NDC do foolish things yet we shut up because we belong to 1 of them. We have all these resources but no Change, even if we should discover Heaven right now am sure our leaders will sell it and all we will say is ‘Yen fa ma Nyame’. What kind of useless people are we, when we all know what our problem is, but yet we don’t stand up and right it? See Zoomlion in every corner yet all our places are dirty, very sad!

Why would we sit down for politicians to make it look like having uninterrupted electricity, good road networks and good work environment for people in IMPOSSIBLE. When even China with 1.6 billion people can have this in most places. Are we really thinking or we are just dumb and don’t realize? Are we going to Change or we will still remain Stupid and deceive ourselves by saying we are the Gateway to Africa, when all our resources are owned by foreigners.

Think…look at China, India, Brazil…

To whom it may concern