The trotro with a fixed telephone

Submitted byt Rashid Baah (Correspondent in Kumasi) 12/08/2013, 20:08, Through Whatsap:

Ready for official business

Ready for official business

On board an Osu to 37 Trotro. While I was busily receiving a call on my Blackberry phone,I heard a phone ringing (fixed line style). To my amazement, the driver picked a vodafone branded placed phone on the dash board of his car, spoke into it and further made a call!!!

Don’t you just love trotro !!! Only in Ghana

I guess, just as they say, you must take your business serious. This trotro driver definitely takes his trotro as his office. As such there should be an official communication line and there you got it.


A Norwegian’s Trotro Experience

Submitted by Elisabeth Stava of Norway

Inside TrotroOsu Trotro: 29.01. 11:26. Old Angry Lady (OAL) gets on trotro and immediately starts arguing with herself and everyone else. Wish I spoke twi, don’t understand anything but she is aaaaangry. Mate collects money from everyone, OAL refuses to pay! After some time mate tries again OAL is really mad, mate gives up.. (good tip if you are an old lady, just be angry and you can go for free:))

New Testament Lady (NTL) starts preaching, OAL starts talking louder. Confusion in the trotro as NTL has to stop.. NTL takes a break and then starts again, OAL also starts (screaming this time). At this time unfortunately I had to get off, anyone boarded this trotro and can give me the rest of the story?


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Trotro Tactics

Trotro Diaries, 24/6/2013, 05:15pm
Its annoying when you sit in a trotro and people are relaxing like they were begged to enter the car or they probably own the car.
In such cases try these:
1. Always put on a smile
2. Don’t rush to act, just wait and plan for the right moment
3. Sit in a way they will feel uncomfortable. favorite is to position your elbow so its piercing their ribs
4. Be ready to occupy space when there is chance, especially in a curve
5. Pray and just be ready because they might wains insults on you

Hehe, these are just a few, let me know if you have any others in mind