You were Wrong

Remember the first thought that came to mind when you heard of Whitney’s death? If you are like me then you were surely sad that all this talent had gone waste and the comeback that you might have expected will never come.


Now you shift  gears and the next thought is how she allowed Bobby Brown to ruin her life with drugs (be it true or not). Looking at that awesome voice and having allowed herself to be carried away is such a shame! However, the funny thing is that when she died people cried all over the world and that is a sign that she made an Impact and at least she SANG, and that was what she wanted to do since she was a kid.


But how about us, can we say the same thing about what we dreamed about as kids? Have we or are we even doing 5% of what we really dreamed of achieving? The things we said we would do and the ones we vowed never to do, do you remember? Does our country know about it, ok what about your city, town,school, church, mosque etc. In fact does your own family even remember, yet we judge these people that the whole world knew for their talents.


So if she wasted her talents, then what can be said of us? Do you think its too late?


Remember, as I say: “the only walls are the ones in your head


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(c) Copyright Yaw Odoom 2012