A Norwegian’s Trotro Experience

Submitted by Elisabeth Stava of Norway

Inside TrotroOsu Trotro: 29.01. 11:26. Old Angry Lady (OAL) gets on trotro and immediately starts arguing with herself and everyone else. Wish I spoke twi, don’t understand anything but she is aaaaangry. Mate collects money from everyone, OAL refuses to pay! After some time mate tries again OAL is really mad, mate gives up.. (good tip if you are an old lady, just be angry and you can go for free:))

New Testament Lady (NTL) starts preaching, OAL starts talking louder. Confusion in the trotro as NTL has to stop.. NTL takes a break and then starts again, OAL also starts (screaming this time). At this time unfortunately I had to get off, anyone boarded this trotro and can give me the rest of the story?


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Trotro Tourism

Trotro Diaries, 21/3/2012, Head Office, 7:48

Hello diary, it has been a long time. Well now I have a new view, did you know that your everyday trotro ride is like being taken on a tour ride.

You see amazing things hehe. Ah, have the waakye sellers been put on single spine? Just saw 2 this morning, one was selling waakye sitting in an orthopedic swivel chair.

While the other waakye seller was busing tapping away on her electronic tablet, I wonder if she was downloading some waakye app or marketing her stuff.

Enjoy your day, keep smiling, keep shining!

Trotro Tactics

Trotro Diaries, 24/6/2013, 05:15pm
Its annoying when you sit in a trotro and people are relaxing like they were begged to enter the car or they probably own the car.
In such cases try these:
1. Always put on a smile
2. Don’t rush to act, just wait and plan for the right moment
3. Sit in a way they will feel uncomfortable. favorite is to position your elbow so its piercing their ribs
4. Be ready to occupy space when there is chance, especially in a curve
5. Pray and just be ready because they might wains insults on you

Hehe, these are just a few, let me know if you have any others in mind

Finally the Initiative Starts

Hello Trotro mates, this is your Chief Trotro Consultant speaking; We are officially welcoming ideas on how to make this group relevant to society. For a start, I’m proposing a GHC 30 fuel package plus 2 sachets of XFT fuel treatment for the driver of the week, what do u guys think?

Selection Process:
Members of the group will nominate their drivers of choice based on their satisfaction of the service they receive when they get on a trotro and the general condition of the Trotro. The main idea is to promote trotros which present passengers with favorable conditions and also adhere to Traffic rules and regulations.

We are passionate about this because, we believe through this Initiative we can gradually use such incentives to get the attention of drivers and driver associations and use to promote the right thing to be done in our trotros and on our roads. This we hope in the long run will help reduce accidents on our roads and also help reduce minor injuries picked up by passengers on trotros. Stay tuned for more information, if interested and want to know more, follow our group on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/293760457331423/ or give us a call at 0243926821

Hot Man Driver

Trotro Diaries, 8/3/2012, 6:50am, SSNIT Flats DC:
This driver is funny, I have never seen a driver this aggressive for money, u drive off almost hitting your mate and all u can do is say AH!!! U shd see the missile launching lips the mate made. See this mate he won’t come oo, when he drives off and u fall again, then u will come make your lips like.

This morning I had 4 special people that just made my day.

Inside a Trotro

First was the Driver and his mate who were so not synchronised, lol. On 2 occasions the driver drove off only to remember the mate was not on the trotro

The 3rd person was the dude seated by the door, even when we had gotten to the final destination, this guy wouldn’t get off because the mate (conductor has some change to give him) and as such we all couldn’t get off till he does haha

Last but not the least is the school boy who probably can be a stunt man at Hollywood. This guy was seriously holding on to the mate’s hand and the car as the car was moving just because the mate had to give him some little change hahaha. What a way to start a day, the trotro way, very unique and amazing social connection moment. i hope you started yours on a good note too